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Your Guide to Tailgate Food

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Your Guide to Tailgate FoodPlanning a tailgate party and don’t know which food to bring? Well, if you are unsure what kind of food to serve on your party we have gathered some tips of what and what not to pack on your ice chests. But before we talk about, like any other parties, it is important not to mention a must-do that you organize a plan so that you are sure that you can execute it while still sticking to your budget.

So here goes, any tailgating event revolves around the food and it just can’t be overstated.

On top of tailgate party goers ideal foods are: hamburgers, hot dogs, grilled chicken and wings, chili, potato salad, quesadillas and coleslaw. Of course, ice, cold drinks should never be forgotten.

You must also stay away from raw or uncooked food; make sure your foods are not served cold and require anything other than plastic utensils to eat.

What’s more your food must be easy to prepare and must be able to get by even by using only the basic cookout equipment. Next, as people will be drinking while tailgating serve food containing fat, protein, and carbohydrates which are supposedly excellent at slowing the absorption process of alcohol. This way everyone will feel “less drunk.”

You can also serve foods that are warm and abundant in niacin like eggs, cheese and spicy foods as these can boost blood circulation that will keep you warm in the ridiculous weather conditions of the football season.

And lastly, it must be affordable.

Affordable yet delicious that is! Tailgating parties can be fun but stressful if unplanned. So, make sure that you plan everything even the smallest details. You’ll eventually see the fruits of your well-planned party as your guest and you included will have the best and memorable tailgate party ever!