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Wine Accessories for Every Occasion

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The DaventryWine must be savored…

A fact that most wine lovers know is that to be able to enjoy the full experience you need to make sure that you have all the right wine accessories. Indulging in wines has to be a complete sensual treat and that is what makes it such an intimate and favored drink among all.

To be able to enhance anyone’s wine drinking experience you should start by stocking  the essentials. First of all, find a glass for every occasion. As the shape of the wine glass determines its perception, it is important that you pick the right one. Stem glasses are just perfect for drinking wine as it allows you to hold the glass without the body heat interfering with the temperature of the wine. However, it is advisable to have all-round glasses on hand too. These glasses are practical for small dinner parties and can be used on a daily basis.

Another wine accessory essential is the corkscrew. You can pick from hand screws that are usually used by waiters in restaurants or go for a counter-top corkscrew that is much more firm and reliable than their counterparts. Next is a wine bucket. A good wine bucket also serves as chiller and makes sure that the wine is served in just the right temperature. A bucket made of metal or marble best serves the purpose just remember to keep in drenched in an ice bath the whole time.

To guarantee that your wine stays good longer, buy a cork stopper. It ensures that your wine is preserved and is not exposed to air. It also gives your wine bottle a pop every time you open it. Then there’s the decanter. This must-have wine accessory helps to aerate the wine, therefore allowing the aroma and flavor to become more pronounced.

Lastly, a wine aerator. Aerators control the airflow, thus ensuring that the wine breathes and does not turn rancid, helps in improving the aroma and flavor of the wine and makes sure that the wine stays fresh for a longer period of time.

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