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Easy Ways to Master the Grill

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Easy Ways to Master the Grill Good news to all aspiring grill masters out there, we have gathered easy ways to help you grill better.

Now, your finished product will certainly be something that you and your family will love.

First things first, while a lot of people say gas grilling is less time-consuming; wood is probably the only fuel that adds real flavor and goodness to food. Use whole hardwood logs or hardwood chunks on a grill if possible.

Next, a lot of us may not be aware of this but we don’t actually need to bring steaks to room temperature before grilling. Grill them even if they are still cool as there is no appreciable difference in cooking time between a refrigerated and thawed meat.

Third, to help you keep track of which meat went on the grill first, align them. This will allow you to turn them and take them off in order. In addition, remember to flip your meat just once. Flipping them once will help you achieve those killer grill marks.

Another important thing to always keep in mind is to season your meat before grilling. One tip here, just before putting the steaks on the grill, sprinkle on a liberal amount of coarse salt and freshly ground black pepper.

Of course, you must always keep the grate hot, clean and oiled to prevent food from sticking giving you those perfect grill marks the next time you cook. Better yet, try our BBQ Grill Mat! When turning meat on the grill, never use a knife. Instead, invest in a good pair of tongs.  Barbecue forks poke holes in the meat which will drain its juices – you wouldn’t want that.

And lastly, to see when you meat is done, poke it with your fingers. It’s rare if it feels soft and squishy; medium-rare if it’s yielding; medium if it’s only slightly yielding; and well-done if it’s firm and springy. However, for large meats use an instant-read meat thermometer and just remember not to let it touch any bones.

Now, all you have to do is let the meat rest and you’re ready to serve.

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